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BEST Growth Hub Business Workshop Programme

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Tuesday 7 November 2017 (3:58 PM)

The BEST Growth Hub Business Workshop Programme is funded by BEST and delivered by LAR Consultancy in partnership with other Essex Innovation Programme Mentors. BEST Growth Hub was launched in October 2015 to function as a ‘one-stop shop’ for business support such as: access to training, finance, marketing and local authority services. It aims to improve and simplify the Essex business support landscape and increase the overall take-up of business support. For more information please visit: If you are booking onto a 3 hour workshop please also review the wider programme as often 2x3 hour workshops on a related subject are being delivered at the same venue on the same day.

How much?

Webinars are free to join; 3 hour workshops are £10 per delegate and 6 hours workshops are £20 per delegate (maximum of 2 delegates per business per course)

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Available Workshops

Accessing Finance for your Business or Venture

Broken down into two separate workshops, you will learn you about alternative finance and gain an insight into what financers want to see in a business before investing.

Advanced Twitter & LinkedIn for Business

Are you using Twitter and LinkedIn effectively?
In this hands-on session we will look at the benefits of enhancing your Twitter and LinkedIn strategy.

Allergens in Food

Allergens is a an essential subject to know about if you are in the catering / restaurant or even childcare business.

Ask an expert - is my marketing plan the right one for my business?

Find out the basic ingredients of a marketing plan and discuss what areas of marketing might be right for you with an expert.

Cyber Scams to Watch out for

There are lots of threats online - how can you tell if something is genuine or a scam? 

Dealing with Big Business

Hear from an expert at Ford about what it takes to make a supply chain. What is it that big businesses want to see from you and what can you do differently to access opportunities that big businesses can offer? This is not an opportunity to find out about Ford opportunities but is generalised for all big businesses.

How can innovation help my business to grow?

This workshop will show you how to embed the mindset for innovation in all areas of your business – it’s not just about blue sky thinking.

Making your own videos

From smartphones to ipads and other tablets, this is an interactive 'how to' session - you will need a smart phone or tablet to take part.

General Data Protection Regulation – Are you compliant?

This interactive workshop is essential if you hold any customer data to find out what changes you need to make to be compliant with the new data protection regulation from May.

Generating Sales - the Art of Cold Calling

This workshop will explore the steps needed for a successful cold call; the do’s and don’ts, getting past the gatekeeper and engaging your would-be client over the phone.


How do I identify and manage risk in my business?

This workshop is aimed at businesses already trading and wishing to grow; and will teach you how to conduct a SWOT Analysis (identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) in your business understand the risks that could affect your business.


How do I prepare my business for the future? 

This session will cover the importance of succession planning, options available, what to do and when, passing on the know-how and the legalities plus more.

How to Blog and Vlog

Blogging and vlogging are all the rage when it comes to sharing information with an audience. Whether you prefer to be behind or in front of the camera they can be great tools for customer engagement

How do I fend off the Competition

Understand what makes you unique and the type of customer who uses your product / service.

How to get yourself into the press

Find out the tools and techniques you need to get the press to notice you. 

How to lead a team

Explore what qualities and traits are crucial in great leadership - what works and what doesn't. 

HR for the Multi-Tasking small business owner

If you’re a start-up, sole trader or micro business looking to take on staff then this workshop is for you. This session will help you to understand your options and highlight what you need to consider about employment law and review different employment contracts.

How to use your staff and customers to get more business

This workshop will show Essex businesses how to form your own USPs, and use your stakeholders to help build your brand reputation.

Tools & Techniques to Enable Rapid Business Growth

Looking for growth? This workshop will you find out what simple tools you can apply to enable growth and become the ‘go to’ person in your field.

How to use customer feedback to generate more sales

People buy from people!  If your customers are saying good things about you then customer testimonials and case studies can really help your future sales.

Market Research - why and how?

Quality market research is vital for you to assess if your idea is a go / no go and what price point to aim it at. This session will cover where you should you start, Resources at your fingertips and much more.

How do I attract good PR and PR stunts?

PR is a great way to expand your markets and attract new customers but there is a way to go about it! Many businesses don’t know the marketing tricks that can be employed to get yourself in the press. In these hands on sessions you will be taken through these and come away with a plan of action for getting positive PR.

Getting results from your meetings

Do you ever run meetings and feel they don't have the impact you want or are unaware what attendees have got out of them? Learn about some of the techniques you can use to ensure your meetings flow and are engaging.

Perfecting your Sales Pitch

We are selling our services, products and indeed ourselves when we network, meet with potential clients or investors and in other business and personal encounters.  We are selling via email, telephone, our websites, and face-to-face.  Wouldn’t it therefore be incredibly useful to be able to perfect our sales pitch?  By the end of this workshop you will not only improve your sales pitch, you will be confident to deliver it, under any circumstances, via any media and in any environment.  

Turn Your Idea into a Marketable Product

This day workshop will provide you an honest, whistle stop tour of going from initial concept to saleable product.

Should my business be considering Intellectual Property?

Come and find out from intellectual property experts the range of IP that exists, when you should consider it, and if it may be suitable for your business/product idea.

Does my business need a website?

This Online training will help you understand your client base and reach, and help you learn if and how a website could extend your customer base.

How to win work

If you're thinking about tendering for a contract or funding come along to find out what you need to know before you start.

You're on Social what?

The aim of this workshop is to identify your strategy of how to engage online, identify influencers and establish yourself as a thought leader on the web.

When should I think about Export?

Should you consider export from the outset and does this differ dependent on the business? 

Where, when and duration

Workshops will be run at various locations across Essex between November 2017 and March 2018. Webinars and workshops range from 1 to 6 hours depending on the course you attend.


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