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Why use our team?

With us, you can be sure to have access to the right expertise, knowledge and skills to gain competitive funding, now and in the future.

As well as working with people who need funding and investment, we work with funders, influencing their funding programmes and understanding what they look for in a bid.

We are all experienced funding specialists. Our specialisms include:

  • European funding
  • UK Government funding
  • understanding public sector and government priorities and activities
  • third sector, charity and voluntary funding
  • alternative financing – such as fees and charges, social investment and loans
  • developing funding strategies – an outline of your organisation’s funding plans, now and in the future.

Meet the team

Karen Williams (ACA), Head of Funding and Investment

Karen is a qualified accountant with more than 20 years’ experience in giving financial management advice. Before joining Essex County Council, Karen was a consultant with Deloitte LLP.

Rochelle Mathieson, Deputy Manager

Rochelle has spent more than 6 years supporting and developing funding applications and leads the team’s strategic direction. Before joining Essex County Council, Rochelle worked in the voluntary and community sector in Essex.

Dan Davis, Bid Development Officer

Dan worked for a number of years as a financial services professional in London before moving to Essex County Council. Dan supports the voluntary and community sector as well as businesses and the public sector. Since joining us, Dan has led on developing a number of EU and nationally funded bids, totalling over £15 million.

Matthew Welsh, Bid Development Officer

Matthew has significant experience working in the public sector, and has worked for Essex County Council for 5 years. He has a keen interest in digital and innovation funding, and specialises in providing bid development support to the third sector. Matthew has supported a number of charities with successful applications to funders such as Big Lottery, Garfield Weston and Henry Smith.

Aurele Soules, Bid Development Officer

Aurele has a legal background and has also graduated with a MA in European Project Management in France. He contributed to the development and the implementation of INTERREG projects in East Sussex before joining the Essex funding & Investment team. His specialisms are European Funding framework facilitation, project management and partnership building.

Isher Mudhar, Assistant Bid Development Officer

Isher is the first point of contact for the team and is responsible for identifying new funding opportunities and sharing these with our customers. Isher also provides monitoring reporting services to successfully funded projects.

Get in touch

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