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One-to-one support

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The best way to make sure your project or organisation is fully funded, now and in the future, is by using our one-to-one support.

During your first free consultation, we’ll explore what support your organisation needs, so that we can design a one-to-one support package that’s right for you.

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What could your one-to-one support include?

Researching funding opportunities

We are a team of research specialists who can identify funding opportunities and policies applicable to your project.

Developing a funding strategy

A funding strategy outlines your organisation’s funding plans, now and in the future. It covers which forms of funding are available and which you’ll consider, for example, grants, fees and charges, or social investment.

We can work with you to develop your funding strategy, identifying multiple funding opportunities that you can take away and implement.

Financial modelling and analysis

Financial modelling and analysis means looking at your project or organisation’s finances to understand its performance now and in the future.

We provide you with the full financial modelling and analysis service you need to support and strengthen your project.

Bid development

Partnership facilitation

Our team have the experience and connections needed to develop and manage partnership projects.

Bid writing and critique

You can use our specialised bid writing and critique skills as and when you need them.

Bid quality assurance

We will be your critical friend, giving guidance and suggestions to ensure your bid is the best it can be before you submit it.

Environmental Consultancy 

As a team we have environmental experts who can support your organisation with environmental strategy, policy, climate impact assessments, coastal tourism, fuel poverty, low carbon and much more – ensuring your project has the necessary environmental expertise to succeed. 

Project monitoring and evaluation

We can monitor your project to make sure the work you’re doing meets the conditions of your funding.

How much does our one-to-one support cost?

Our rates are very competitive because we focus on delivering a socially responsible service that benefits people and organisations, and supports economic growth.

We’ll give you a no-obligation quote before any work begins, and charge only for services provided on an hourly, fixed rate.


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"The team are very helpful, responsive and proactive. They do really know the sector and how to be successful in accessing funding.”— Lindsay Fox, Young Concern Trust